A Single Step

UNLV Concert Singers, Fall 2016

One of the challenges of singing in an ensemble is that you have to put a certain amount of trust in the people around you. As is the case with all forms of artistic expression, so much of choral music is about the ability to be vulnerable. It makes sense, then, that it can be difficult to be musical and comfortable when you are singing with unfamiliar people. The first week of classes brings new faces and personalities to campus and to choir, and everyone from the most senior to the first-time freshman experiences a little bit of the same sensation. Things get even more complicated when you have a new conductor on top of it, which is what all of these students here are experiencing.

The displays of patience, enthusiasm, and encouragement from the faculty and students here at UNLV in this first week of rehearsals and classes portends a great year filled with good music, intense learning, and strong community. I’m thankful for the opportunity to serve it.