A Great Energy

Sometime at the end of last week I finally flipped my summer switch back into teaching mode. I got the keys to my office, moved in some boxes, got my piano tuned. I started getting the itch to be back in the classroom and back in front of the ensemble. These last two days I have had the opportunity to meet and hear many students during auditions and conversations in the hallway and in classrooms around campus.

I am excited about the community and collegiality I see on display by the choral students at UNLV. We all (well, most of us) love choir because of the sense of community and fellowship it brings. There is something unique about joining your voice to a greater body of song and spirit and having that body embrace you: your voice, your mind, your emotions. Once you feel it, it comes naturally to feel close to the people you sing with. And, I can tell that such understanding exists here.

The choral experience at UNLV is about growing through singing: growth as a musician, growth as a human being. In turn, that growth allows you to lead others to the same experience.

I look forward to a year spent with excellent colleagues, new friends, passionate students, and beautiful song.